Tuesday, July 22, 2008

All Up in My Grill

So I told you I got a new grill, right? Well it took us a few tries to get it just right, but it's been a wonderful addition to our summer kitchen, especially now when Birmingham has decided to whop us with 100-degree days. But...I have a feeling that we'll be out there, checking the coals and flipping burgers even when it's 40 degrees outside.

Our first meal on the grill was mixed-herb chimichurri-marinated pork chops (and a chicken breast for Rebecca). It was an Emeril recipe, and was just OK...I tweaked it a good deal, which made it delicious, but I won't link the recipe. Going forward I would certainly use chimichurri as a marinade again. This one employed a mix of basil, cilantro, and parsley...but the classic is still my favorite. Just making it is fun and fresh, as evidenced on my colorful, herb-strewn cutting board.

Anyway, the dinner didn't turn out to be very photogenic (beigey brown chops, yellow saffron couscous and bright yellow corn on the cob--monochromatic, but yummy). The corn, simply wrapped in foil with a smattering of butter and a sprinkling of salt, looked like pretty little treasures just waiting to be unwrapped.
Finally, for dessert, we had a lovely strawberry and peach shortcake. The recipe was from epicurious, and while it was good, it wasn't great. So I won't link to that one, either. It was your basic flour-butter-sugar mixture with a touch of whole milk to bring it all together. I'd try another recipe before I went back to this one. But the summer-sweet fruit and cream (which I whipped by hand, thankyouverymuch) were delicious.

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