Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Hi everyone. Just a note (in case you care) that I am fully cognizant of the fact that I have not posted anything in way too long. Work has been unbelievably busy...and while that's a good thing, given that I work in media and I still have work to do, it also means that when I get home at night, I have not been very creative in the kitchen. I've largely been relying on epicurious.com and foodnetwork.com recipes. Then instead of writing about them, I've been choosing to spend quality time with Jason and Chaplin. This is good for my mental health but bad for my blog.

So. I should be a little less crazed by the end of this week, and I have some things in mind. A few new and a few old standbys. Oh, and Jason is leaving for a few days, which means I get to make all the things he won't eat (see September 9, 2008). I'm thinking a nice, fatty ribeye is in order...and maybe an extra-pungent puttanesca. I'll keep you posted. No pun intended.

I'll be back! I swear. Until then, I will leave you with this, a great read for any food lover, or...anyone who eats, really: An Open Letter to the Next Farmer in Chief

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Kristin said...

I've missed you. Let me know when you're up for a trip to Scott's and you know you have a place to stay!!! xoxo