Sunday, July 12, 2009

Even though we're kitchenless, I'm still planning a few meals for the week. Oh, and I forgot to mention...I'll also be absent from blogland next weekend and the following week—I'm off to London for a work trip (!!!) so posting will be sparse until I'm home on July 24.

I'm currently testing recipes for a to-be-published cookbook {not mine, unfortnately!}, so I can't give recipes for a lot of the things I'll be making...but I'll still share what they are so you can see the fun things we're having.

Monday - Tonight we'll be eating from paper bowls, so I'll grab takeout soup from Whole Foods, and throw together a quick tomato salad with Mustard-Dill Vinaigrette (a cookbook recipe)
Tuesday - Black-Bean Chiptole Cakes with Brown Rice (cookbook test)
Wednesday - Chana Punjabi, brown rice, green salad with Coconut-Buttermilk Dressing (cookbook test)
Thursday - Sopa Azteca (cookbook test), TBD salad from our CSA box goodies
Friday - Robusto Flatbread with Romesco Sauce (cookbook test), TBD salad or side from our CSA box

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Kristin said...

Have fun in London! My work trip isn't nearly as exciting (well, it's not exciting at all... South Florida... lol). And, yay for a new kitchen (sort of)! :)