Thursday, April 3, 2008

Little Crumb

This blog has mostly been about recipes, but my original plan was to write about food of all kinds...and not just focus on recipes. And since I've been kind of lazy in the kitchen this week, relying on old favorites and "splash of this, dash of that" kind of cooking, I don't have any recipes to share.

However, I do have the most delightful little place for any of you who love to look at pretty and yummy things. Behold, Miette.

Caitlin Williams and Meg Ray own two absolutely darling little shops in San is a bakery, Miette Patisserie, where they make delicious and perfect-looking cakes with fun names. (Debutante, Tomboy, Bumblebee...)

The girls' other shop, Miette Confiserie, is a candy shop modeled after the stunning candy-coated pastel shops in Paris. Miette (little crumb, in French) is one of those dreamy places that brings out the sugar-loving kid in all of us. Lovely.


rachel engel said...

oh my gosh, i work right around the corner from Miette Confiserie, i love their macarons! And your blog is awesome! thanks!

A Lessanmore said...

dreamishly beautiful.