Monday, November 17, 2008

Shame, shame, shame.

{Photo by Portal and Friends via Flickr}

I can't help it. I love chips and queso. I might draw the line at the kind that squirts out of a pump at concession stands. But queso, processed and gooey and salty as all get-out, holds a dear place in my heart. Many people in Birmingham just call it cheese dip. Which is actually more fitting, seeing as how this stuff is not even close to something authentically Mexican. Ay Dios mio, I can't get enough.

What is your secret (or totally public) shameful food indulgence? Mom...fried shrimp? ;)


Kristin said...

Chips and salsa and/or guacamole. We could hang together. :)

Lytle said...

Peanut butter (in private) and chocolate desserts (in public)!

Sara Brown said...

Two words: bread bowl.

Oh McAllister' I miss you so.

Sarah said...

Definitely queso dip! Have you ever had the cast iron queso dip from Chili's? It's got ground beef in it too, kinda like the shameful stuff I make with Velveeta and Hormel Chili No Beans. :)

Mom said...

Fried shrimp is my shameless indulgence (nothin' shameful about it :)