Thursday, August 28, 2008

It's me...

...your long-lost blogging friend. I've had a kind-of off week, and no recipes for now, but I do have something to share. A few years ago, I read in the NY Times about cold-brewed iced coffee, and I was intrigued. I am an iced-coffee lover from way back (I have this memory of drinking an iced Barnie's coffee and running into some kids from school who thought it was so weird that I liked coffee. But I digress...)

I have been meaning to try to cold-brewed coffee (which is apparently a staple in New Orleans), but I just hadn't done it. Then yesterday I saw a post on the fabulous Smitten Kitchen about the process, and I was inspired. It's so simple, really. Here's the original recipe.

And now, I am a convert. There is no comparison between hot-brewed coffee chilled and poured over ice, and the rich, smooth, chocolatey stuff that is the result of cold-brewing. I really didn't think there'd be much difference, but trust me on this one. Try it, just once, and I have a feeling you'll be a believer, too. I'll be making this again (and again, and again...).

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Keith said...

Wow... I tried this yesterday. Excellent! In fact, I made another batch this morning!