Monday, August 3, 2009


Sopa Azteca is essentially a tomato-chicken broth you ladle over fried tortillas and avocado chunks. I tested a version of this Mexican classic the other night for the cookbook I'm helping with. Though I can't share the exact recipe here, there are a multitude of recipes to be found online, and I'm sure they're all pretty delicious.

Because the tomatoes here are SO good right now, and because we had tons from our CSA box, I used them in the version I made, but I assume it would be {almost} as good with canned tomatoes. I fried the corn tortillas and diced a beautiful avocado...those two garnishes make the soup what it is.

And although it wasn't in the recipe, I added one whole breast of chicken to the soup, and let it simmer for 20 minutes. Once cooked, I shredded the meat and added it back into the soup, making it a filling dinner.

I highly recommed making this soon. This recipe looks good, or just Google around until you find one that sounds good to you!


Maggie said...

Kater, this looks delish! I've been tooling around on your blog for awhile and found your espinaca con garbanzas recipe in "quick and easy"! Can't wait to try it with that yummy chicken!! Also, I saw you mention your CSA box. I covet. Do you know of one in the WP/O-town area? Let me know! xo

She-Fit said...

YUM! This looks great.